Love yourself, the world needs you to be you-6 tips for a better “you-relationship”

There is a lot going on out there in the world and the last few weeks, months have been heavy on on all of us.  I am still standing up, educating, learning all while trying to navigate my social media and my own mental health. During this time, it is still important to take care of yourself, to be kind to yourself. You know that saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup?” Well as clique as it sounds, it’s so true.

We as humans assume so many roles and maintain many relationships.  The one relationship I often let fall behind is the the one with myself. I have found it even harder the last few weeks to show up as I am and be authentically me.  I am sometimes too hard on myself and quick to compare or point out all my flaws.

So today on the blog I am sharing some things I do to help me practice self-care and to build a better relationship with myself.

Setting Affirmations/ Weekly Intentions– Im not going to go into too much detail here because I would like to dedicate a whole post to this and maybe mindfulness, but anyways.  I use affirmations because they are a unique way to cultivate self-care and nourish your mind.  They are simple statements that are declarative truths. For example,  ” I am worthy”. Writing down simple plain truths about yourself allows your to see them for face value and continue to recite them, which has been shown to switch ones perspective on things.

I also use weekly intentions, sometimes daily, to set up my intent for the week or day.  Intentions are more directional in the sense that they are about the present and future behavior or yourself.  For example,  My intention this week is to focus on the positive aspects of my day by writing down X positives.   Intentions are often similar to goals.

Be mindful-I have mentioned this one before in a post but easier said than done. What I do is to really pay attention to where my thoughts are going and quickly flip that script if they are going south.  I will call myself out in my head and say “Thanks mind, for telling me that but ……”  This is a great way of acknowledging your thoughts but not allowing them to take up too much real-estate in your brain.

State 3 things you like about yourself– Yep, it’s true.  I like to write down three things about myself and sometimes why.  This helps you be more mindful of the positives in your life and gives less focus on the big bad ugly.  This one may be hard or seem scary, but just be honest with yourself and try to pick new things every week.

Acknowledging your strengths in weaker areas– It’s okay if we don’t all excel at all things. We all have our strengths and weakness in every area. So there is one thing I like to do that often helps me focus on the positive and that is to write down my strengths in What I often do is bring my focus to an that might be a bit of a struggle and write down all the things you excel at in the area. For example, weight loss and exercise.  I am good at sticking to a routine, showing up, and challenging myself. By focusing on these positives it will allow you to really see that you are capable and amazing even in the areas you tend to struggle.

Journal or meditate-I mentioned before that I  use journaling, as a means to record all my thoughts and feels in a more structured way. Writing things down has been shown to help individuals feel more grounded.  There doesn’t have to be a methodological means to your writing just start writing.

I also use mediation in conjunction with all the above to help me feel more present and grounded. People often think that mediation is too spiritual or just for yogis, however it can be a simple practice for everyone. Yes, we can all benefit from this! I mentioned before that there is research to suggest that meditation can reduce stress and  lower anxiety levels.  Meditation can get you out of your head and really allow you to have gratitude and compassion for yourself.

Focus on the “must’ do not the everything do- So I have been using this one when to lessen my thoughts of “I am no good enough”, doing enough or when I am simply comparing myself to others. Sometimes our “to do” list becomes so backlogged we start to lose sight and feed into those negative nancy thoughts. So focus on what really needs to get done today and write only a list of “must” dos. All the other stuff is an extra bonus if you happen to get to it.

If you take away anything from this, take this “Love yourself, the world needs you to be you. Oh and forms of healthy self-care and are extremely important.  Having good self-care hygiene is crucial to having a These above tips are just my way of how I try to focus on my and building a postive relationship with myself.  right now and having a mindful attitude/practice allows you to have strategies to better manage stress and/or anxiety. Self-care can help you break up your day and really help you focus on the inside out.

Hope all or any of these tips I have shared are things you choose to incorporate into your daily self- care routine.   Drop me a comment and let me know what you are doing to take care of you on the daily.

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