Self-care taking the backseat…5 things you can do for yourself right now?

The full effects of quarantine are taking over! I can’t remember what day it is, zoom is taking over my life, and I’m starting to dislike all food that I cook.  Anyone else? That being said I try my best to try to do small things each day that help me take care of me during this time.  Taking care of yourself has always been important, but now it’s more important than ever.  I talked about adhering to a daily routine on this blog post, Keeping that Daily Routine and it’s importance.

Today I am sharing some simple things I do to help take care of me right now.

Be more mindful-easier said than done but I try to really pay attention to where my thoughts are going and quickly flip that script if they are going south.  Forms of healthy self-care are important right now and having a mindful attitude/practice allows you to have strategies to better manage stress and/or anxiety. Self-care can help you break up your day and really help you focus on the inside out. Go check out my blog post, Keeping that Daily Routine, for tips on being more mindful with journaling and meditating. 

Listen to your favorite music-this one definitely almost always does the trick to boost my mood and get me through a the day. Creating a WFH playlist or generic mood boosting playlist can help you feel energized and keep your mind clear of fleeting negative thoughts.  

Put down the devices for an hour-with being on zoom or other work platforms, watching tv, and social media we are on our devices way more than ever. This will help bring you back to the present and focus on the here now. 

Get outside-This may not be a option for all, but try even if it is brief to get out side to get fresh air. Nothing like some air to clear your mind and movement to keep your endorphins up.  We know the effects of exercise on the body, but just going outside has its benefits as well. For one, if the sun is shining you get all that Vitamin D which is a natural mood booster.  I’m sure we can all benefit from this one! 

Listen or read a bookIf reading a tangible book isn’t your thing, try audible books.  I find that listening or reading books takes my mind away from the present by allowing me to focus on the plot or theme of the book.  Reading can keep your mind active and help you to consume other content besides negative thoughts. Some of my current reads…..The Upside of DownLittle Fires Everywhere, and Unorthodox.

Hope all or any of these tips I have shared are things you choose to incorporate into your daily self- care routine.   Drop me a comment and let me know what you are doing to take care of you on the daily.

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