Ice Rolling-the best $18 face hack

I’m pretty sure I’m late to the game.  I have heard a lot of talk from millennial woman about this ice rolling thing. I mean is it an ice facial or what the heck?!  After, I saw a few of my IG followers using one, I decided it was time to try it out.  Why not, I already have a multi-step face routine for my acne prone skin [Insert the shrugging shoulders emoji].  And ladies and gentlemen, I will say only after using it for a week this tool is AMAZE BALLS!

Here is the one I purchased…My $18 ice roller from Amazon (chose based on recommendations and reviews) but here is another one that is a little cheaper Dupe Roller.

So whats with all this hype, right? Well here I lay out what ice rolling is and the skincare benefits.



So, what the heck is an ice roller? It is a compact skincare tool, either with a detachable metal or plastic roller that you can put in the freezer, pull out to attach when you are ready, and then roll on your face in sections for about 3-5 minutes.  It’s basically a mini spa in minutes and without spending all the cash.  Ya’ll I’m in LOVE with this already! I use it on my face after I complete my morning face routine. Sometimes I will use it after a work out to ice areas as well.

You are asking okay but why??? The benefits are endless and to sum it up……


  • It’s great for your lymphatic system and depuffing by helping circulate the blood flow and helping to drain fluid in your face.  It’s especially effective on the under-eyes right after you have waken up (even better after you had a few too many glasses of wine the night before).
  • Helps with product absorption and shrinking of PORES. Yep, that’s right! Ice rolling helps stimulate the blood flow, so it is best to use it in the am right after your skin care routine.  Let all your oils and eye serums penetrate the skin first before you start.
  • Helps calm and soothe irritated or inflamed areas after waxing or skincare procedures as well as helping to reduce the swelling or redness of acne prone skin.
  • Reduces WRINKLES by firming, tightening, and lifting your skin. It helps give you that youthful appearance we all have been begging for.
  • A lot of people say it’s great at alleviating headaches by rolling over your temples (again maybe too much wine the night before).

This AMAZING tool is for both men and women and it is a game changer. It really helps your appearance by giving it that awake and youthful look. Definitely a nice way to start or end your day.  Can’t believe I am just now using this tool!

Okay, so who else has been ice rolling? I highly recommend trying it if you aren’t.


Until next time,

~Glam on



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