How to Dry Shampoo

What would we do without coffee, online shopping, or dry shampoo (DS). I typically go 5 days between hair washes (and yes I shower, eww gross!!) so DS is my saving grace. Lately, I haven’t needed to use DS till about the fourth day and I chalk that up to quarantine mode.   I know what you are thinking…..5 days in between washes with minimal DS (insert mind blown or question mark emoji). Just saying dry shampoo is everything so is hair training, more on that a later day.

I know there are a lot of individuals who don’t share the same enthusiasm for DS mainly because of the white residue. Im hoping to change all that. Today’s post is all about my tricks and how I use DS to make is more “user friendly”

Over the years, I have tried a lot of brands ranging from drugstore to higher end.  My current go to (for the last 2 years) is Not Your Mothers  for many reasons. I won’t be reviewing all the brands in this post, but maybe in a future post.


Step 1. Spray DS directly into your roots wherever it is the most oiliest for you right before bedtime. Mine is typically right around my face and some times on the nape of my neck. Unlike the traditional application I spray a good amount of dry shampoo to ensure that I see the white residue. White residue is good!

Step 2. After spraying finish your nightly routine and head to bed.  If need you can use your finger tips to lightly move some of the product to the roots, but you DO NOT WANT TO massage it in. Unlike the traditional application we will let this product absorb naturally while we sleep.

Step 3. Wake up in the morning and smooth out hair with a brush or comb. Brush any remaining product and style as usual.

*TIP: If you don’t or unable to sleep with the dry shampoo in your hair over night then spray it in your hair and wait at least 30 mins if not longer before blending in the product. 

It’s that easy. Why I do this, because I want the product to really absorb. What people tend to do is spray the product rub it in and then still see white residue or even still oil a few hours later so they end up reapplying more DS. Dry shampoo comes with its benefits, but overuse can cause build up of the residue on the scalp so it’s important to let the product dry and absorb into the hair.

Check out my IG Hair highlight if you want to see exactly how I apply my DS.

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