How to Dry Shampoo

How to Dry Shampoo

What would we do without coffee, online shopping, or dry shampoo (DS). I typically go 5 days between hair washes (and yes I shower, eww gross!!) so DS is my saving grace. Lately, I haven't needed to use DS till about the fourth day and I chalk that up to quarantine mode.   I know what [...]

Quarantine Work Attire

What’s quarantine appropriate work attire?  Many of us are now WFH warriors with new mindsets of what is considered "appropriate" work attire. I'm totally on the legging (or sweats) on bottom, stylish cute on top train. I recently purchased some of the Softest Leggings EVER  from Victoria Secret for $30 and oh my goodness. SOOO [...]

The Choker

The Choker…They’re back and cooler than ever. These were the in thing when I was a tween. Never thought I would be wearing one of these around my neck in my 30’s.  But as they say everything always comes back around in the fashion world. The choker trend is creeping back thanks to the 90’s [...]

Change is the essence of life

You know that saying..."the grass isn't always greener on the other side!"  Why does everyone always say that when people talk about changing something in their life?  Is it because people seek change when things are tough or no longer new and fresh, possibly.  Do they say it just because they have experienced that same [...]