Change is the essence of life

You know that saying…”the grass isn’t always greener on the other side!”  Why does everyone always say that when people talk about changing something in their life?  Is it because people seek change when things are tough or no longer new and fresh, possibly.  Do they say it just because they have experienced that same feeling? Whatever the case is we all need to remember one thing: change is the essence of life, it is not about the grass being greener.  The grass will never be greener. Change should be embarked on to allow one to live life to the fullest.  It is about embracing the obstacles, pushing the boundaries, and manifesting the new possibilities.


FINALLY, I took that challenge!!  I wanted to make a change in my life not because of the “grass,” but to grow as an individual and to make my dreams a reality.  I picked up and moved from OMaha to the east coast.  I took a job on Staten Island  to deepen my knowledge in ABA and to grow as a BCBA. One might ask, “why would a midwest girl want to move to the most unaffordable city in the country?”.  I would reply “for the American dream, for the experience, for the adventure, for the new possibility to seek out my other passions, etc.”

The move has been an adjustment, but with all change there is an adjustment period. It’s the positive thoughts and how I choose to live each day that makes leaving my roots easier. I AM adapting and immersing myself into the new by building onto my existing foundation.

Change is the essence of life so let the light in and embrace the journey one thought and surrounding at a time.  I challenge you embark on the journey to grow, let your manifesting become a reality and embrace the change.

~Glam on~


Some of my favorite spots I have come across on my new journey…..

IMG_5526 Uptown NYC from Central Park

IMG_4191  Union Square at 15th Street

IMG_4176 Midtown NYC from Brooklyn

IMG_5410  Midtown NYC from Hoboken

IMG_5565 Devotion yoga ceiling

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