The Choker

The Choker…They’re back and cooler than ever. These were the in thing when I was a tween. Never thought I would be wearing one of these around my neck in my 30’s.  But as they say everything always comes back around in the fashion world. The choker trend is creeping back thanks to the 90’s resurgence.  So what’s in…. the tassle, the blackout velvet, the mix up (metal and fabric), all in one, black and gold,  and metal. So why should you consider a choker…because they are versatile and sexy. Depending your your vibe/aesthetic they can be fun, flirty, a little edgy, boho, and slightly grunge. The next time you are out shopping you might want to consider purchasing a choker that fits your aesthetic.

A few of my favorites are from Humble ChicLord and TaylorShopbopRomwe, and JRDunn.


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