Greasy hair NO more-Hair Training

Are you someone who finds themselves washing their hair everyday. Just the thought of not washing your hair for days on end makes you cringe.  What if I told you, yes you, that you can train your hair to be less greasy.

It just takes a little bit of patience and the right products. Today I’m sharing what I know about “hair training” and how you can stop all that oil and possibly go a few days in between washes.

Did you know that over-washing actually causes your hair to produce even more oil. It’s often a vicious cycle because we clean our hair to get rid of the oils, but washing too often actually brings on the oil.

The trick is to space out your washes so your scalp doesn’t go a muck.  Again, I feel some of you are cringing at the thought of that, but start small. I mean we are all in quarantine so no time like the present. Try going a day without washing your hair and then when you are ready skip to two days, etc.

Now this is wear patience comes in, you may have to try this for about 2 weeks for your scalp to slow down the oil production.

When “hair training” hair products also play a huge role in oil production.  When picking a product, whether it be a shampoo or other styling products, try to stay away from ones that say “shine-enhancing” since these typically will add more moisture into the hair increasing the oil.


One product I recommend getting is a clarifying shampoo. I’m currently using Bumble to Bumble Sunday clarifying shampoo once a week. You typically only need to use clarifying shampoos once a week to help wash out any product buildup and strip away all impurities. In conjunction with my clarifying shampoo, I often use the Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush to add some extra lathering and massage time.

Another product that I use and swear by is Not your Mothers Dry Shampoo. I typically use dry shampoo on day 3 or 4 and apply it at night.  If you missed out on my How to Dry Shampoo or want to know more on how I live by this product click here.

Moroccanoil Treatment. is yet another product that I use to help my hair looking fresh and healthy. After I wash I my hair I towel dry and then apply a about a nickel size (this will vary on the amount of hair you have) into my balm and then massage into my hair. I have been using this oil in my hair FOREVER and love it!

** A PERSONAL HACK,  this is the ONLY product I use in my hair besides shampoo and conditioner.  I may use hair spray three times a year, but that’s it ya’ll. I find that this helps to eliminate any extra product buildup and extra oils from actually touching my hair.

Finally, this may seem like a no brainer but avoid touching your hair all the time and brush your hair from root down to help spread the oil.  I use to never brush my hair and then after speaking with my hair stylist and doing some research brushing your hair a few times a time actually helps spread the oil all over your head.

Welp there it is, my “hair training” tips.  Quarantine is the perfect time to try this!

~Until Next Time


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