Pop of Color

With spring here and summer right around the corner, I wanted to share with you how you can add little “pops” of color into your wardrobe.  I know some of us tend to shy away from bold bright colors or patterns and stick to more of Monochromatic looks (e.g., black, brown, white, camel) when picking out color, but don’t worry color can work for everyone. I’m totally guilty of primarily having a black and gray wardrobe ya’ll. If you tend to avoid or limit color in your wardrobe sometimes trying to add a new bold color into outfits can overwhelming.

Like what color looks good, should I pick that one?!?  Knowing what color to pick is a later discussion and I will be sharing this more in an upcoming post.We may have to think outside the actual closet when it comes to color, but that’s okay!! Color doesn’t necessarily have to be in the garments we wear. Think accessories and beauty products.

Four ways to add a “pop” of color

1. Nail polish: For everyone who is afraid to add color to their daily wardrobe here is the perfect solution….nail polish.  Trying out bold bright colors on your nails is a great way to add a pop of color to your every day look without committing to a purchase and never wearing it. Nail polish gives you just enough color to brighten any look.


2. Lipsticks/glosses: Another great way to add color to your wardrobe is via the lips. Again if you are someone who doesn’t necessarily want to commit to adding dramatic colors to your wardrobe then turn to your lips. A good lip color will do the trick.  You can definitely play more with lipstick. So when searching for your next  lip color pick something that is still in your comfort zone, but bold or bright.  Think reds, pinks, and purplish hues. Some of my go to lip colors are from LORAC and Too Faced.

3. Jewelry: I must say jewelry are one of my favorite ways to add a pop of color and depth to any outfit.  For those of you looking to add some color and are no longer hesitant to have color incorporated into the garment/outfit, go for pieces of jewelry that are vibrant.


4Shoes: Wearing bold shoe makes adding color to your everyday wardrobe super easy.  This would be my recommendation, along with nail polish, for those of you who want to incorporate color into your wardrobe and don’t know how or are hesitant.  Shoes are definitely my go to to add some color or print to my all black outfit. The blue velvet shoes are no longer made by Bar II, but here are a similar style by Steve Madden . Adding this type of color is a safe choice because it draws the color away from the body/wardrobe as it acts or is seen as an extension and will stand out on its own.

5. Handbags/purses: Picking out a bright bold purse or handbag is makes adding color to your everyday wardrobe super easy.   Adding a colorful handbag or purse is a safe choice because it draws the color away from the body/wardrobe similar to the shoes and nail color. 

I hope you found this to be helpful when deciding how to incorporate color into your wardrobe.

How will you add color to your wardrobe?  What colors will you choose?

Until next time,

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