Tie-Dye For

Since in Quarantine I learned a few things, one being that the 60’s Tie Dye Fashion is totally back and hitting everyone hard.  Fashion always comes back and this one was making it’s way back mid 2019 but I don’t remember it.

It’s everywhere I turn, on Instagram and on online stores. It is trending all over Youtube and Tiktok as one of the DIY crafts you can do during social distancing. Why though??? Well most people already have some type of bleach product and clothes they can up-cycle so they never have to leave. Or they can order a kit on amazon and get it shipped right to their door.

If DIY yourself isn’t your thing, well thank goodness for online shopping.  While pattern isn’t for everyone, this one its disappearing anytime soon.

I have rounded up some of my favorites Tie-Dye pieces from a range of stores. It’s okay, I told myself too that I would make it out of quarantine without one. That didn’t happen,  and the one I purchased from VICICollection is already sold out (you can see mine here on my IG).  Snagged it for $35 but they have many other styles.

Final Tie Dye Blog (1)

1. Abercrombie $49

2.  Kohls  $44

3. Farsay-Amazon $24

4.  Quella-Amazon $16

5.  PacSun $45

6.  Free People$58′

If you are really wanting something affordable check out Amazon. There are a lot of pieces for those of us on a budget. I might have more than a handful in my cart.

Until next time,





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