Traveling must haves!!

Knowing what to bring on a trip can sometimes be mentally exhausting. Depending on where and what time of year you are traveling, packing more could be better or it could be a burden.  If you are anything like myself packing your room is a fail safe. There are so many decisions when deciding to travel. You have to think about what clothes to wear, whether or not it is a good idea to pack the laptop, or do you pack that extra pair of earrings, etc.

Even though I know I can not pack everything, there are a few must haves for any vacation.  Since I recently went to NYC (more to come on that topic), I wanted to share my top picks with you in no particular order….

1. Decent Read


A good book is always a must for downtime.  Try to pick one that you can easily get lost in, but can also be torn away from. 🙂  My book of choice is Anger by Thich Nhat Hahn.

Book: Amazon

2.  A Purse for all Occasions

IMG_4074 IMG_4075

Depending on what type of trip (e.g., business, pleasure, a mix) you are taking is going to dictate the type of purse you choose.  Bringing more than one option for day and night festivities is probably feasible. For my NYC trip, I chose a medium over the shoulder bag aka satchel.  I figured the bag was versatile for all activities I had planned.  I chose this bag because it had extra space to hold things like flats or a water bottle.

Purse: Fossil (Similar) (Similar)

3. Versatile Shoes

IMG_4068 IMG_4092

Again, depending on your vacation it is going to vary, but having a few decent pairs of shoes that can be paired with the majority of your outfits is an excellent idea. 🙂 For my NYC trip, I picked two pairs of shoes that I felt complemented my outfits: pewter colored riding boots and black suede tie up ankle booties.

*Of course I packed more than just these two pairs :).  However, these were  the two that were most versatile.

Pewter Boots: White Mountain (Similar) | Black ankle booties (Similar)

4. The Mac and Accessories


It’s always nice to bring along your laptop, macbook, etc.  It comes in handy when you need to find directions to that local vintage store or review your subway route before venturing off into the city.  I also like to bring mine for working purposes. Yes, I said it.  Sometimes you get the sudden urge to be productive at the local coffee shop so having your apple handing is a great idea!!

Another important thing you must not leave behind when packing, accessories!! Accessories bring life to any outfit.  It’s like adding flair to your backpack  back in the day.  Accessories tie an outfit together and make it complete.  Like shoes, accessories are a component of an outfit I must indulge in.  I can’t usually just  wear one accessory, I have to wear multiple.  Maybe a cute wrap bracelet with a bulgy stone ring or maybe bangles with a long chained necklace.  Remember pack what you need to make your outfit POP!

My philosophy:  “Dress to impress, because looking your best instills confidence and confidence brings change!!”

5. Workout Attire


Pack clothes, shoes, mats, etc. to workout/practice while you are out of town.  A quick workout is good for the body, soul, and the mind.  Fitness is just as important as other aspects of my daily life so of course I am going to pack my yoga pants, running shoes, and mat!!!

Traveling must haves, what are yours???

Until next time, glam on!



My next blog or two: Craft Day 101, Tattoos: Meaning behind the Ink,  Top Favs of NYC,-shopping, eateries, parks, and bars,  9/11 Memorial and Tenements Museum

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