A Yogi Experience, Life or Death!!!

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Like blogging, I am fairly new to the yoga world (about 3 months). Before I started practicing, I thought yoga was something far too spiritual for my liking and not as intense as other workouts that I am accustomed too.  Boy was I ever wrong.  Yoga is INTENSE!!  It is a very humbling experience, which teaches you to be in the now and listen to your breath and body.

So last Saturday, I show up for community yoga at Lulu (big thanks to Lululemon Village Point|Lulu Village Point FB page for putting this on every Saturday!!) and the instructor, Kim Burnham, says she will be leading a Yin flow. My mind immediately thinks “Oh great this is not what I want to be doing at 9:00 am”, but I gave it a shot.  My mind was clouded and judgmental until she said exactly what I was thinking. She explained why yin and restorative yoga were good for the body. It wasn’t until she started reading from a passage about life and death that in that moment I realized  I was right where I was supposed to be.  I needed to forget the false pretenses I had about myself and this particular yoga practice. The thoughts I manifested were no longer true.

As she read the passage it opened my mind as well as my heart.  After practice, I spoke to the instructor and mentioned how her practice was eye opening.  It made me realize that there really is a need for balance, ying and yang.  So I asked her if I could have a copy of the passage to share on my blog.

Read the passage and decide for yourself, life or death.

Life or Death

If you strip everything down, you are either living or dying.

You are obsessing about the future, dwelling on the past. Holding onto expire relationships. Eating like shit. Feeding addictions and unhealthy patterns. Not sleeping. Assassinating people’s character, taking hostages, dreading work, getting annoyed by everything and everyone, exuding negative energy, fighting everything, taking, seeing life as a prison. You are filled with anger instead of hope. You are deteriorating. You are dying. You are dark.


You are creating, building, investing in yourself as well as others. You are drawing healthy boundaries. You are allowing yourself to be heard. Expressing your truth. Dreaming. Facing fears. Not judging, expecting, or labeling. You sweat, stretch, eat real food, drink lots of water, and make sure you get enough sleep. You love hard and forgive often. You stay in today and try to seek joy in what and who is in front of you instead of chasing images and material objects. You don’t tie ability to worth. Think different. Breathe. You are regenerating, evolving. You are living. You are growing. You are light.

When you are dying, the world gets very small. You lose your vision. Everything gets heavy. When you are living, the world gets very big. You have nothing but vision. Everything is bright.  You wake up every day and have a choice.

You can either live or die.

I choose to live.

“I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” ~Carl Jung

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