Quarantine Work Attire

What’s quarantine appropriate work attire?  Many of us are now WFH warriors with new mindsets of what is considered "appropriate" work attire. I'm totally on the legging (or sweats) on bottom, stylish cute on top train. I recently purchased some of the Softest Leggings EVER  from Victoria Secret for $30 and oh my goodness. SOOO [...]

Bags for a Cause….

I remember reading about Better Life Bags on one of my favorite blogs, The Small Things Blog,I quickly became smitten over bags with a cause .  Better Life Bags, BLB, is a company with a mission of "making lives better." Rebecca, the founder of company, moved to a low income area in Detroit to help give back [...]

Crafty Lady….

Besides fashion and working out I love little DIY craft projects. It is all Pinterest's fault!! Pinning cute ideas allows me to be my inner child. Every once in a while I will go on a Pinterest craft spree and this happens to be one of those times.  I am going to share some of [...]

Traveling must haves!!

Traveling must haves!!

Knowing what to bring on a trip can sometimes be mentally exhausting. Depending on where and what time of year you are traveling, packing more could be better or it could be a burden.  If you are anything like myself packing your room is a fail safe. There are so many decisions when deciding to [...]

Stripes and Sweaters, Oh my!!

Dress: TjMaxx (Similar)|Sweater: Candies| Necklace: Origami Owl |Boots: Candies (Similar)  Fall is officially here and what screams fall better than booties, dresses (this one happens to be striped) and sweaters?!! Umm nothing .  One of my favorite things that I like to remind myself as well as others " it is not what you wear, it is how [...]