The Natural Look-Go 2 Products

We all have those go to products for our everyday makeup look. Today I wanted to share some of my everyday go to products, whether that’s going into the office or running errands.

I like to keep it simple and natural as possible. I’m going to be honest, sometimes my makeup is the last thing I want to devote time to early in the morning. So having those staple products is key!

Another thing I keep in mind when finding makeup products is my skin type, escspeiclly primers. This is my driving force. In a previous post I talked about primers for oily skin. If you remember, I stated that my skin type is oily in the t-zone and my pores are on the larger side. So when finding everyday products I typically stick with products that help reduce shine and the appearance of my pores.

My go 2s  are below….









Powder/foundation:  Clinique Almost Powder-Deep  $28
Number one staple! I wear this on a daily basis.  Perfect everyday coverage. When I am looking for more coverage I

Liquid foundation: Urban Decay Naked Skin 4.5 $40
When I am looking for a little more coverage and a dewy finish, Urban Decay Naked Skin is the liquid foundation of choice. I have found that Urban Decay is one of the best build able foundations that is light weight, breathable, and has a great finish. I usually wear this in place of the Clinique powder on days that I know I need that longer lasting look.

Mascara: Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara $17.50                                                                                         Great for the every day on the go look and you can’t beat the price.

Blush: BITE Multi-Stick-Macaroon $24                                                                                                             NARS-Sin $30

My go to blush is the NARS, but I recently have fell in love with BITE.  I don’t typically go for the cream blushes, but if you have never tried the BITE multi- stick, then you MUST!

Primers: Stila- One Step Correct $36

Urban Decay-brightening and tightening $31

Stila-One step correct really is a great product if you are looking to neutralize and color correct. For me it has made a difference for dark eye circles and red spots.

Urban decay brightening and tightening is great for filling in fine lines, and giving your dull skin a brighter youthful look.  It’s lightweight and works great under most foundations.

Bronzer: LORAC-TANtalizer Baked Bronzer $8 (travel size)

Gorgeous Bronzer is all I have to say!! A must have if you are looking for that summer glow all year round!!

Eyeshadow: Revlon illuminance Creme shadow-Precious Metals $8

This has been a staple eyeshadow for years.  It’s quick, easy, and no brush required.

Concealer: Maybelline FIT concealer- medium $7

If you haven’t heard already, FIT concealer has been said to be a dupe for NARS radiant concealer.  After trying both, I would agree. If you want a cheaper product for your everyday look try FIT!




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Hattitude…Simple and Sweet. For fall and spring fancy hats are a perfect accessory to add to your daily or weekend outfit. Keep it simple, but find a hat that works with your aesthetic. You want to find one that meshes with the shape of your face (upcoming blog on face shapes and how to accentuate what your momma gave you).  You also want to find something that complements the flow of the outfit. In the outfit below you can see that I chose a floppy black hat with a satin ribbon to pair with the striped pleated skirt and yellow wool sweater. Hats can be the perfect accessory to dress down or dress up your outfit. Floppy, boxy, domed,…pick your poison. Check out some of my favorites below.



In the market for a new hat, check out some of these…

YOSUZI gray hat

Kate Spade hat

Ted Baker hat

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Trending-“The Choker”

The Choker…They’re back and cooler than ever. These were the in thing when I was a tween. Never thought I would be wearing one of these around my neck in my 30’s.  But as they say everything always comes back around in the fashion world. The choker trend is creeping back thanks to the 90’s resurgence.  So whats in…. the tassle, the black out velvet, the mix up (metal and fabric), all in one, black and gold,  and metal. So why should you consider a choker…because they are versatile and sexy. Depending your your vibe/aesthetic they can be fun, flirty, a little edgy, boho, and slightly grunge. The next time you are out shopping you might want to consider purchasing a choker that fits your aesthetic.

Below are a few of my favorites from Humble ChicLord and TaylorShopbopRomwe, and JRDunn.


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Manifest Monday 1.9.17

Happy Monday!!

Life is what we make of it…so dream, invest in yourself, invest in your mind, and change everything. Don’t let anyone steal your thunder.  We all learn and grow at different paces and in different ways, but remember without the bad there would be no good. Trust the timing of your life. Trust yourself and step forward into growth.  We are given one life, so choose to live no matter the experience. Accept yourself and smile because today is a new day. Remember self-love and gratitude is courageous.  You got this boo! Go forth and conquer!



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Learning to substitute with good fats!!

How else to better yourself, but through cooking a delicious meal. Awhile back I stumbled upon this receipt on Pinterest, back when I pinned by life away.  I love cooking, but I love when I can find receipts that are equally as good when you substitute or switch up the ingredients to make a healthy version. 

I am a huge pesto lover and alfredo lover. When I saw the ingredients to this dish I thought what a perfect substitute, AVOCADOS as the base!! Avocados are a nice rich and fatty food. Mind you, they are the good source of fat. Check out all an avocado has to offer here…Avocado Central. I knew I would love this dish just based on what I read, but the real test was would someone else.  I have made this a few times and it has always been a hit.  So if you are looking for a simple quick meal look no further. 


The original receipt didn’t call for chicken, but I need a protein for every meal.  I used thinly sliced chicken breast tenderloins. I cubed and seasoned the chicken before cooking.


I cooked the chicken till it was lightly brown on both sides.


While the chicken was cooking,  I began to make the sauce. In a chopper I add the 2 avocados, 1/4 cup Evoo, lemon juice, garlic powder, salt/pepper to taste, and the optional basil.   Blend until smooth and set aside.  Sometimes, I will add more lemon juice an Evoo depending on the consistency of the sauce.

                                                          untitled 6            untitled

Cook pasta according to package and add the avocado sauce.  I used rotini this time.  I usually try to use a skinny spaghetti or angel hair. Mix the sauce and the noodles and then add the chicken and tomatoes.  Add additional salt, peeper, or lemon juice to taste

                                      untitled 3

          untitled 4

Serve immediately and enjoy!


Until next time,

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Primers…Oily Skin, Oh My!!!

To keep with the October theme…bettering oneself, I figured I would share a post dedicated to primers. If you are looking to better the appearance of your skin, oily skin or not, read on.

Bring on the oil says no ever!! No wants to spend the day blotting and touching up. So what is a girl to do??? Find products to help REDUCE and COMBAT that OIL!!! This may vary depending on what type of products you are looking for, but for me makeup primers have been a life saver!!  My Skintype: oily combination with larger pores. I tend to have more oil production in my t-zone and forehead which can make for a hot mess if I am not wearing all the right products.  Believe me this is still trial and error.  My skin fluctuates on a daily basis so I have learned to find a few products and stick with them. Back to primers…..well with the use of primers I not only have been able to combat having oily skin every 2 hours, but I have been able to extend the wear of my powder and/liquid foundation. When choosing a primer I am looking for a product that combats oil for up to at least 2 hours, minimizes pores, and has a matte smooth finish.  Typically, matte finishes work better with oily skin. Silicone based products make my skin feel more oily due to the added parabens.

I have reviewed 4 primers that I have recently tried.  Remember these are my opinions and products are going to vary based on your skin type and what you are trying to accomplish with your primer. Choosing between a Silicone vs. Matte base. My recommendation would be to try a few and see which works best.  If you have oily skin like me then these primers might be a good fit.

Oily Skin Primers
1. Dr. Brandt Pores No More Primer
Formula: Matte, non-silicone base
Wear: Can be put under or over foundation, I like to put it under for the everyday look and if I have an evening event where I am worried about excess shine then I typically will apply it over the foundation as well.
Texture: Non-greasy, smooth velvety texture
Appearance of Pores: smaller almost non-existant
2 hour Test: After two hours, my pores still looked smaller and helped with absorbing excess oil while mattifing my skin. I loved the velvety fill of this primer and was by far one of my favorites that I tried. I was so impressed with how it made my pores basically invisible!

Pores No More
$45 – 1oz
2. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Formula: Silicone base
Wear: Can be put under or over foundation, I tend to wear this primer only under foundation.
Texture: Non-greasy, thicker cream texture
Appearance of Pores: smaller, but still visible to some degree
2 hour Test: After 2 hours, it seemed as though my pores were more visible and there was excess oil on my skin.  I was also not a huge fan of the way this primer applied to the face.  It was a very thick primer and I felt like it sat on top of my skin rather than blending into my pores. After looking into it and asking around cosmetologist or makeup artist typically tell individuals with oily skin not to use primers or other products that are silicone based if they are looking to decrease the oil production.  So….this product definitely wasn’t for me.
3. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
Formula: Mineral based with a Matte appearance
Wear: To be worn under foundation
Texture: Non-greasy to touch, smooth liquid like texture
Appearance of Pores: smaller, but still visible to some degree
2 hour Test: left my skin greasy to touch. I did like the how the primer smoothed out the overall appearance of my face, but after 2 hours I felt like this primer left my skin oily and did not do a great job absorbing the excess oil for my skin type.

Veil Mineral

$52 – 1oz

 4. Benefit Makeup Primer
Formula: Oil Free, Matte, non-silicone base
Wear: Can be put under or over foundation, I tend to wear this primer only under foundation.
Texture: Non-greasy, thicker cream texture
Appearance of Pores: smaller, but still visible to some degree
2 hour Test:After 2 hours, it seemed as though my pores were more visible than I would of liked and there was some excess oil on my skin. This primer was thicker, but not as thick as the Smashbox primer and it also applied on the skin smoother.

Benefit makeup primer
Verdict: My favorite of the 4 primers would be Pores No More!! It’s a cult classic as far as I’m concerned. Dr. Brandt’s pores no more primer took my pores and made them less visible to the eye.  What makes this product great: prime, absorb oil, touch-up, and makeup perfection.
 Try them out for yourself and see what works best for your skin!
Until next time,

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Dare to Love yourself

Dedicating the month of October to personal growth, I was scrolling through old posts and came across “A Yogi Experience, Life or Death“.  I posted this about 3 years ago, 4 months before I moved half way across the country. The post was my reflection on a yoga experience and how one simple passage could make you let go of false pretenses and realize to choose. As I read the post after several years,  I could remember exactly that moment and how my mind was clouded and judgmental until my yoga teacher read the passage on life and death. You can read my old post (A Yogi Experience, Life or Death), but to sum it up we have a choice to live or die. It’s all about the choice to love oneself. It’s important to make others happy, but it’s more important to start with yourself. And if  I asked you to name all the things you loved, how long would it take for you to name yourself?


Yep when I asked myself this question, it took awhile.  I find lately that I struggle with this.  It’s hard to make myself a priority before putting others first. Apart of loving yourself is how you love someone else, but making sure you take care of yourself should be a priority. Love yourself. Easier said than done, but work on creating, building, and investing in yourself.  Love yourself. Focus on what you want, do what you can to make it happen, and trust the process as it unfolds.  Love yourself. Face your fears. Be clear on how you want to be treated, know your worth.  Love yourself. Hope for the best, but never  expect. Look forward, but never wait. Love yourself.  Live for the day and practice letting go. Practice thinking different. Practice empowering yourself.

There will be days where you struggle with this. Where you are tempted to second guess yourself and fall back into old habits, but remember you are worth it.  Look in the mirror, if you need someone to give you the strength you need. Love yourself.

On this journey, I have a choice. You have a choice. Collectively we all have the choice.

Until next time,


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Hello October. Hello Me. Hello You.


Well, well we meet again!! It’s been far too long since I posted any content.  Time to get back on it. No better time than now…. Hello October!!! Fall is here and so is change!!

I have decided to dedicate October to personal growth and would like to share some of that growth via my posts. I am hoping to highlight my thoughts, struggles, and acheieviemnts  throughout the month on different topics ranging from inspiration to recipes.

There is no time like the present.   Honor yourself and the space between no longer and not yet.

Hello October. Hello Me.  Hello You.

Until next time,

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*Update* 101 goals in 1001 days

For those of you who don’t remember I challenged myself to come up with 101 goals and try to reach all of them in 1001 days.  I wanted to check in and see how many goals I have completed thus far.

It is Day 121 and I  have made some progress!! I have completed 21 goals out of the 101.  Only 79 more goals to complete in 880 days!! Making my goals a reality, you should too!! Remember actions make dreams happen..

  1. Work out at least 3 times a week for at least 60 days. Completed on 8.10.15
  2. Increase workouts to at least 4 times a week for the remainder of the 1001 days.
  3. Practice yoga at home on the weekends. Completed on 7.1.15
  4. Practice yoga at home or the studio 4 times per week.
  5. Purchase a nutria-bullet.
  6. Finish my Image Consulting certificate at FIT by Spring 2016.
  7. Take a makeup class at FIT or elsewhere. Completed on 3.29.15
  8. Take marketing and brand classes at FIT.
  9. Take a tour or 1 hair school in NJ and 2 in NYCCompleted this on 3.20.15
  10. Start hair school if it is transferrable or if can get it done in 548 days (1.5 years).
  11. Walk Lily more often. N/A
  12. Find a head/footboard to restore for my bedroom.
  13. Once I find the head/footboard, paint and refinish.
  14. Paint my nightstand white and gold.
  15. Paint coffee table black.
  16. Paint pillow basket pastel pink and off white. Completed on 8.8.15
  17. Complete more DIY projects, 1 per month.
  18. Make leather and clamp bracelets and try to sell on my etsy shop.
  19. Make at least 2 new meals per month.
  20. Take a cooking class.
  21. Learn to sew.
  22. Successfully sew one garment.
  23. Read more, complete 3 books in 365 days.
  24. Get at least one professional massage per year.
  25. Buy 5 vinyl per year. 2 of the 5
  26. Attend at least 4 concerts per year. 3 of the 4 
  27. Work with Sam to revamp my blog.  Completed this on 2.19.15
  28. Have blog revamp done by spring 2015. Completed this on 2.19.15
  29. Start off writing one blog post in my blog for 365 days of the 1001.
  30. Continue to post at least 2 blog posts per week for the remainder of the 1001 days (636).
  31. Look for other BCBA opportunities while on the east coast. Completed this on 7.31.15
  32. Take LMHP test.
  33. Once pass LMHP test apply for the license.
  34. Move to the city or closer to the city. Completed this on 8.15.15
  35. Go into the city weekly.
  36. Go on top of the empire state building.
  37. Go to Governors Island.
  38. Lay out or picnic on the Great Lawn.
  39. See the Rockettes at Radio City.  Completed this on 3.14.15
  40. Be in the audience on a NY broadcasted show.
  41. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.  Completed on 5.20.15
  42. Take a part time job as a beauty advisor at Sephora.
  43. Participate in NYFW in some capacity whether it is helping behind the scenes or watching in the audience.
  44. Take a photography class.
  45. Take up guitar lessons.
  46. Play a song for friends and family.
  47. Run at least one 5k per year.
  48. Revisit Washington DC.
  49. Revisit the Grand Canyon.
  50. Visit Las Vegas.
  51. Travel to Boston. Completed on 6.12.15
  52. Renew my BCBA again in May 2017. Completed on 5.24.15
  53. Get all the required CEUs each year for the 2-year maximum requirement.
  54. Get involved in at least one research project.
  55. Go to Europe.
  56. Move home around fall 2016-first of yr 2017
  57. Purchase a house with a big kitchen and yard.
  58. Purchase a cross over SUV, preferably the Lexus.
  59. Buy or refurbish a piano.
  60. Get married.
  61. Buy myself a staple winter coat
  62. Take family photos with my mom and brother and then my dad and brother/wife
  63. When back home work part-time as hair stylist/Image Consultant and BCBA
  64. Start a facebook page for Image Consulting services.
  65. Make a facebook page for blogCompleted 2.19.15
  66. Make/Design business cards for image consulting.
  67. Redo office to reflect above goal 63.
  68. Design/create office and therapy space.
  69. Get another puppy.
  70. Go to Disneyland or world.
  71. Attend makeup/hair/IC workshops and or conferences.
  72. Make a makeup area/ storage space.
  73. Purchase a new durable work bag.
  74. Make hand knit scarf.
  75. Knit or crochet an additional scarf.
  76. Review 2 products a month on influenster.
  77. Walk on the beach at sunset. Completed 7.19.15
  78. Run lily on the beach boardwalk.  Completed 7.19.15
  79. Enroll Lily into another dog class. N/A
  80. Work on obedience with Lily at least twice a week for 2 months.  N/A
  81. Go skydiving.
  82. Go to one of the six flags.
  83. Go to the International Makeup Artist Trade show (IMATS).
  84. Go to the NYC “Makeup Show”.
  85. Review 2 products per month on blog.
  86. Call and talk to family every 2 weeks.
  87. Talk with a friend at least once a week. Completed on 8.11.15
  88. Go to at least one “meetup” event a month for 4 months.
  89. Reach out to other bloggers.
  90. Go to a branding workshop.
  91. Create Image Consulting kit starting with color analysis tools.
  92. Save up money to purchase Tiffany’s olive leaf ring or happy face necklace.
  93. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day.
  94. Take salsa or dance lessons.
  95. Go on a yoga retreat.
  96. Get my leg tattoo.
  97. Get my side or arm piece tattoo.
  98. Try 1 new restaurant once a month. Completed on 7.26.15
  99. Try 1 new coffee shop every 2 months.
  100. Volunteer for a animal shelter or food pantry.
  101. Work for as an assistant to a stylist.


Until next time,

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Manifest Monday 7.27.15



HAPPY MONDAY!! Wow where did July go??? I am looking forward to starting some new adventures in the upcoming months and it’s important that I keep an open mind.  Life is what we make of it…..oh and how we dress for it.  Not only is it essential to keep a positive outlook on life, but it’s important to wear clothing that lets you shine and be your best self. Remember that what you wear reflects who you are.  Dress for the life you want, not the life you have. There is no time like the present to make your dreams a reality. Think you can as you rummage through that closet. Go forth and conquer!!


Until next time,





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