*Update* 101 goals in 1001 days

For those of you who don’t remember I challenged myself to come up with 101 goals and try to reach all of them in 1001 days.  I wanted to check in and see how many goals I have completed thus far.

It is Day 121 and I  have made some progress!! I have completed 21 goals out of the 101.  Only 79 more goals to complete in 880 days!! Making my goals a reality, you should too!! Remember actions make dreams happen..

  1. Work out at least 3 times a week for at least 60 days. Completed on 8.10.15
  2. Increase workouts to at least 4 times a week for the remainder of the 1001 days.
  3. Practice yoga at home on the weekends. Completed on 7.1.15
  4. Practice yoga at home or the studio 4 times per week.
  5. Purchase a nutria-bullet.
  6. Finish my Image Consulting certificate at FIT by Spring 2016.
  7. Take a makeup class at FIT or elsewhere. Completed on 3.29.15
  8. Take marketing and brand classes at FIT.
  9. Take a tour or 1 hair school in NJ and 2 in NYCCompleted this on 3.20.15
  10. Start hair school if it is transferrable or if can get it done in 548 days (1.5 years).
  11. Walk Lily more often. N/A
  12. Find a head/footboard to restore for my bedroom.
  13. Once I find the head/footboard, paint and refinish.
  14. Paint my nightstand white and gold.
  15. Paint coffee table black.
  16. Paint pillow basket pastel pink and off white. Completed on 8.8.15
  17. Complete more DIY projects, 1 per month.
  18. Make leather and clamp bracelets and try to sell on my etsy shop.
  19. Make at least 2 new meals per month.
  20. Take a cooking class.
  21. Learn to sew.
  22. Successfully sew one garment.
  23. Read more, complete 3 books in 365 days.
  24. Get at least one professional massage per year.
  25. Buy 5 vinyl per year. 2 of the 5
  26. Attend at least 4 concerts per year. 3 of the 4 
  27. Work with Sam to revamp my blog.  Completed this on 2.19.15
  28. Have blog revamp done by spring 2015. Completed this on 2.19.15
  29. Start off writing one blog post in my blog for 365 days of the 1001.
  30. Continue to post at least 2 blog posts per week for the remainder of the 1001 days (636).
  31. Look for other BCBA opportunities while on the east coast. Completed this on 7.31.15
  32. Take LMHP test.
  33. Once pass LMHP test apply for the license.
  34. Move to the city or closer to the city. Completed this on 8.15.15
  35. Go into the city weekly.
  36. Go on top of the empire state building.
  37. Go to Governors Island.
  38. Lay out or picnic on the Great Lawn.
  39. See the Rockettes at Radio City.  Completed this on 3.14.15
  40. Be in the audience on a NY broadcasted show.
  41. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.  Completed on 5.20.15
  42. Take a part time job as a beauty advisor at Sephora.
  43. Participate in NYFW in some capacity whether it is helping behind the scenes or watching in the audience.
  44. Take a photography class.
  45. Take up guitar lessons.
  46. Play a song for friends and family.
  47. Run at least one 5k per year.
  48. Revisit Washington DC.
  49. Revisit the Grand Canyon.
  50. Visit Las Vegas.
  51. Travel to Boston. Completed on 6.12.15
  52. Renew my BCBA again in May 2017. Completed on 5.24.15
  53. Get all the required CEUs each year for the 2-year maximum requirement.
  54. Get involved in at least one research project.
  55. Go to Europe.
  56. Move home around fall 2016-first of yr 2017
  57. Purchase a house with a big kitchen and yard.
  58. Purchase a cross over SUV, preferably the Lexus.
  59. Buy or refurbish a piano.
  60. Get married.
  61. Buy myself a staple winter coat
  62. Take family photos with my mom and brother and then my dad and brother/wife
  63. When back home work part-time as hair stylist/Image Consultant and BCBA
  64. Start a facebook page for Image Consulting services.
  65. Make a facebook page for blogCompleted 2.19.15
  66. Make/Design business cards for image consulting.
  67. Redo office to reflect above goal 63.
  68. Design/create office and therapy space.
  69. Get another puppy.
  70. Go to Disneyland or world.
  71. Attend makeup/hair/IC workshops and or conferences.
  72. Make a makeup area/ storage space.
  73. Purchase a new durable work bag.
  74. Make hand knit scarf.
  75. Knit or crochet an additional scarf.
  76. Review 2 products a month on influenster.
  77. Walk on the beach at sunset. Completed 7.19.15
  78. Run lily on the beach boardwalk.  Completed 7.19.15
  79. Enroll Lily into another dog class. N/A
  80. Work on obedience with Lily at least twice a week for 2 months.  N/A
  81. Go skydiving.
  82. Go to one of the six flags.
  83. Go to the International Makeup Artist Trade show (IMATS).
  84. Go to the NYC “Makeup Show”.
  85. Review 2 products per month on blog.
  86. Call and talk to family every 2 weeks.
  87. Talk with a friend at least once a week. Completed on 8.11.15
  88. Go to at least one “meetup” event a month for 4 months.
  89. Reach out to other bloggers.
  90. Go to a branding workshop.
  91. Create Image Consulting kit starting with color analysis tools.
  92. Save up money to purchase Tiffany’s olive leaf ring or happy face necklace.
  93. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day.
  94. Take salsa or dance lessons.
  95. Go on a yoga retreat.
  96. Get my leg tattoo.
  97. Get my side or arm piece tattoo.
  98. Try 1 new restaurant once a month. Completed on 7.26.15
  99. Try 1 new coffee shop every 2 months.
  100. Volunteer for a animal shelter or food pantry.
  101. Work for as an assistant to a stylist.


Until next time,

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Manifest Monday 7.27.15



HAPPY MONDAY!! Wow where did July go??? I am looking forward to starting some new adventures in the upcoming months and it’s important that I keep an open mind.  Life is what we make of it…..oh and how we dress for it.  Not only is it essential to keep a positive outlook on life, but it’s important to wear clothing that lets you shine and be your best self. Remember that what you wear reflects who you are.  Dress for the life you want, not the life you have. There is no time like the present to make your dreams a reality. Think you can as you rummage through that closet. Go forth and conquer!!


Until next time,





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The “Statement” Necklace

When you hear “to make a statement”, what comes to mind? A necklace? Probably not… but let me tell you what, it should!

PicMonkey Collage


I am sure you have all heard of the infamous “statement” necklace. This piece is iconic for adding some glitz and pop to any outfit.

Over the last few months, the “statement” necklace has been my go to  piece of jewelry.  My love for bling is a never ending battle and the “statement” necklace seems to be winning over other pieces.  When choosing a necklace that fits your style or occasion remember that the piece should bring flare, but at the same time pull the outfit together.  Think of it as neck-candy with some dimension. Think complimentary and fun!

Having trouble finding the perfect piece, check out some of my favorite sites and pieces below….



11516481NK_gold-cl-w100Sunburst Collar Statement Necklace $26  (this is a total date night must have)

S2122-G-IVY2_ivry-cl_alternate-w100Broadway Statement Necklace $16.99 (pair this with that cocktail dress to complete the look)


Louren Hope

TRI_N02_NEONORANGE__44403.1435169383.98.98Triangle Necklace $88 (perfect, bc it wouldn’t be summer without NEON)


Charming Charlie

3000754339_2Mermaid Beach Necklace  $15 (just because, need I say more)


Until next time,

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Manifest Monday 6.15.15


Happy Monday!! I have been MIA from the world of blogging, but I am back today with a some words to guide you on that personal manifestation.


Life is what we make of it…so dream, invest in yourself, invest in your mind, and change everything. Don’t let anyone steal your thunder/dreams.  We all learn and grow at different paces and in different ways, but remember without the bad there would be no good. Trust the timing of your life. Trust yourself and step forward into growth.  We are given one life, so choose to live no matter the experience.

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Manifest Monday 4.20.15


HAPPY MONDAY!! Make this your best Monday  week  month ever, wear a smile on your face!! Sometimes it is easier said than done, but you are in control of your own outlook and happiness.  A simple smile can go a long way! A smile is also the easiest and the prettiest/handsome thing you can put on in the morning, so why not wear it more?

Smiling displays that today you are stronger than yesterday! Smiling is the best way to crush your fears and face problems.  Think you can (instead of you can’t). Go forth and conquer!

My goal is to wear a smile everyday no matter the circumstances. I am challenging you to do the same! Don’t forget to rock your biggest asset! Just smile!


Until next time,


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Ipsy Unbagging-March 2015

It’s already April and I am just now posting my March unbagging. Where does time go!!  March was my second Ipsy  bag subscription and I was super excited to try everything!!  March’s bag theme was “Floral Fantasy” in preparation for a vibrant and colorful spring!! Love all the themes thus far!!

On to the Unbagging……

Here is a picture of the what this months bag and products look like!!


1. Purlisse-Pur Delicate – 1 oz Value $7.20


I must say I was very impressed with the cleanser/makeup remover duo.  I have never heard the Purlisse brand and I was excited to try it, mainly for the makeup remover qualities.  This product claims to leave your skin feeling “touchable” and I can attest to that.  I use a small amount to cleanse and remove my makeup and it does wonders.  I also really like that this product is soapless, which helps with adding extra moisture.

2.- LeeAnniEco-3in1 Revolution Light-.5oz Value $4.37


I was excited to receive this product.  I have not yet tried it out, but I am really looking forward to!! Based on the site reviews this products looks like it may be a good replacement for other moistures I have tired. According to the site, this product is the “Lighter” version of the original 3 in 1 Revolution formula and is great for oily skin.  When I am looking for a moisturizer/toner I oil control is a must! This product also claims to be a toner, serum, and moisturizer in one. Ecstatic over this!!

3. NYX Cosmetics-Butter Gloss Lipstick in Little Susie –.16oz Value $6.00

DSC03771    DSC03777

This lipstick is a matte formula that is smooth and hydrating. The color is also very pigmented, however it is not one I am in love with. Pinks are not my favs.  I typically go for a lip color that is more blue based (e.g., mauves,  bright reds). I do like this formula so I am going look into purchasing another shade.

4. Crownbrush-Duofiber Shadow/CreaseBrush- Full-size Value $6.95 on sale


I always like getting makeup brushes when I go into Sephora or Target so this is definitely a win.  I will say though, I am not a huge fan of dual brushes because they are not the easiest to store. I have a few eyeshadow brushes so I am looking forward to trying this one out and seeing if it holds up to some of my others.

5. Pixi-Mesmerizing Mineral Palette-Apricot Glow -.03oz  Value$ 2.99

DSC03774 DSC03776

When I watched the eye shadow the colors seemed very pigmented and had a glow finish rather than matte. I really liked the colors of the shadows and when I tried them on my eyes they were a little too warm for my skin tone, but never the less I think they are gorgeous.  I actually have been using the lighter shade as highlighter and the darker shade as a base for some occasions. I was impressed when the wear of this shadow and I am looking forward to trying other products by Pixi. This duo was specially made for Ipsy so I am not sure if these exact colors are for purchase.  However, when I looked on Pixi site they had a set, Emerald Gold, that had similar shades, if not the exact ones.  

6.  Ipsy Cosmetic bag-Size Small Value $5? (Taking a guess!!)

Verdict: So overall I am pretty pleased with March’s Ipsy bag. This bag has a value of about $32.51. That is a great value since the cost is $10. What a great deal!!

Let me know what you think of the February ipsy bag? Which items did you get?

Until next time,


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Manifest Monday 3.30.15


Happy Monday!! Let go of those beliefs about yourself that no longer serve you, that no longer serve a purpose. Changing your beliefs, changes yourself. We should all strive to be the best we can or want to be. Remember that life is happening right now.  Sometimes it may get the best of you, sometimes we settle into routines, sometimes we compromise, sometimes we think our goals are unattainable, or sometimes we are just unsure what dream to chase. Let go and flip the script!! Any situation can be changed by thinking or doing the complete opposite of your current perspective/situation.

Stay true to yourself and believe in your vision!

Until next time,

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Manifest Monday 3.23.15


Happy Monday!! I think this quote sums up how I feel on a daily basis. :) Seriously, why blend in when you were born to stand out.  We were all born with different personalities, strengths, and appearances for a reason so play them up.  No matter the occasion choose to shine and be your best self.  Be that “stiletto”!

Until next time,

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Wardrobe: Pop of Color

Spring is finally here!!! Due to this fact, I wanted to write a post dedicated to adding/incorporating color into your wardrobe. Many of us tend to stick to the Monochromatic colors (e.g., black, brown, white) when picking out color, but don’t worry color can work for everyone.

We may have to think outside the actual closet when it comes to color, but that’s okay!! Color doesn’t only have to be in the garments we wear. Think accessories and beauty products, wha-la!! Let there be color!! Check out my 4 simple ways to add a “pop” of color….

Adding Wardrobe Color


Four ways to add a “pop” of color

1. Nail polish: For everyone who is afraid to add color to their daily wardrobe here is the perfect solution….nail polish.  Trying out bold bright colors on your nails is a great way to add a pop of color to your every day look. It gives you just enough color to brighten any look.  It also is

2. Lipsticks/glosses: Another great may to add color to your wardrobe is via the lips. Again if you are someone who is afraid of adding  dramatic colors to your wardrobe or want to try out new colors a good lip color will do the trick. When adding lip color pick something that is still in your comfort zone, but bold or bright.  Think reds, pinks, and purplish hues.

3. Handbags/purses: Picking out a bright bold purse or handbag is makes adding color to your everyday wardrobe super easy.  This would be my recommendation, along with nail polish, for those of you who want to incorporate color into your wardrobe and don’t know how or are hesitant.  Adding a colorful handbag or purse is a safe choice because it draws the color away from the body/wardrobe and is acts or is seen as an extension and will stand out on its own.

4. Scarfs: I must say scarfs are one of my favorite ways to add a pop of color and depth to any outfit.  For those of you looking to add some color and are no longer hesitant to have color incorporated into the garment/outfit,  go for this piece.  Scarfs come in many patterns and colors so the choices are endless!!

That was simple right???  I hope you found this to be helpful when deciding how to incorporate color into your wardrobe. Oh and don’t be afraid to try it, it’s only color!!

How will you add color to your wardrobe this spring? What colors will you choose?

Until next time,


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Battle of the Dry Shampoo!!

Finding a good dry shampoo is sometimes a very daunting task. Before you actually pick one off  the shelf, you may base your decision to purchase off online product reviews (TheGlitterGuide or Influenster), brands you are accustomed to, or just the price. It’s kind of a gamble until you actually try it out because everyones hair is genetically and chemically different.  I think the biggest complain I hear about dry shampoo is the white baby powder looking residue it leaves behind.  After using a few, I would say some brands are more prone to having this than others. The trick to minimize this is to shake the can really well and to let the product dry before you start working your hands or comb through your hair.

Dry shampoo has become a staple in my every other day (or more) routine.  I know how difficult is to find products that work well on your hair, so I thought I would share my “Battle” and recommendations of the perfect dry shampoo for my hair type.  I am hoping this is useful for those of you who share a similar hair type.

Battle of the Dryshampoo

TIGI Catwalk Session Series//TIGI BeadHead Bee Hive//Sauve Hair//Rockaholic Dirty Secret

My hair type:  thick, dyed, gets oily around the bangs and crown, typically washed every 3 days or so.

Product Selection:

  • Brand- When I first wanted to try out a dry shampoo I bought based on brand.  I love TIGI products so of course that is what I gravitated towards first. Okay, I admit I am so in love with TIGI that I tired 3 of their dry shampoos.
  • Price- The price was not a huge factor, because I am a big believer of you get what you pay for. However, after I saw how much I was using I decided that it might be worth checking into different brands that were more affordable.  I decided that I would try out the one of the products by Sauve after reading some reviews on Influenster and watching a few blogs on Youtube.

Product Review:

  • TIGI Catwalk Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo-I LOVE this dry shampoo!! It is hands down by far the best dry shampoo I have used to date.  The smell is great and it the white residue is very blend-able, but I must say the shampoo comes out very sheen anyways. Its also is great at hiding excess oil and has long wear without needing touch ups. I would say that the only real down fall of this product is the price. This price is typically $19, but I always purchased it at TJ Maxx for about $9.
    • Spoiler alert—-TIGI discontinued this product!! When I first found this out, I ran to my nearest TJ Maxx and purchased every can they had.  Thank you TJ Maxx for carrying this product in the first place.
  • TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret- After I found out that Catwalk dry shampoo was being discontinued I picked this and bee hive up at ULTA. They were having a great sale so I couldn’t resist. I only purchased one of the Rockaolics, thank goodness. I will say that this is my least favorite of the ones that I have tried so far. The white baby powder residue is hard to blend in when using this product and it makes my hair feel very strange (sorry I cannot even describe how it makes my hair feel).  I think it does a decent job at hiding the excess oil, but not for prolonged periods. For $21.99, I do not think this product is worth it. Again this is my personal preference and based on my hair type.
  • TIGI Bead Head Bee Hive-I will say that I like this dry shampoo. I have only tried it a few times because I was trying to finish the Rockaholic, but I think it will work for my hair type and what I am looking for. I am not sure it will be my replacement for the Catwalk, but it may it is a contender. It has a great smell and the formula very sheen and matte.  I also noticed that it adds some blue to the roots which is a major plus. From what I have noticed during the few times I tried the product, it really seems to absorb the excess oil and does not need touch ups.  The only downfall of this product, thus far, is that the product  retails for $19.99.
  • Sauve Professionals Refresh & Renew- I was very skeptical about this product because it is only $2.89, but it actually holds it own to the Catwalk. It has been about 2 weeks since I first tried it and I think it is a great product for the price.  It has a decent scent and the formula is very matte. It has a long wear and does a great job of hiding the excess oil. It also surprisingly gives a decent amount of volume.  I did notice, that the volume does tend to fade within an hour or so.  This may be a deal breaker for some, but I can live without the volume.  So….Sauve just may be my new staple dry shampoo.

I would still like to try others that were recommended to me…..Batiste, Lush, Not your Mother’s, Sauve Keratin….to see how they hold up again the Catwalk.

Would love to hear if you have tried any of these products. What are your favorite dry shampoos? What products do you dislike?

Until next time,

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